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Fat Stream Sound and Production Rentals
Fat Stream Sound and Production Rentals


What Will I Need to Rent?

  • 1. Current Drivers License or State Issued Photo ID
  • 2. Valid Credit or Debit Card in your name
  • 3. A Verifiable Phone Number

How do I rent A/V gear?

Renting is simple. Simply come into our store or visit us online and let our staff help you find the perfect gear to fit your events needs. If you already know exactly what you need, just let us know! We'll help you get on the road fast.

Why do I need my order approved?

Once an order is approved, we gaurantee the gear to be avaiable if the order is paid within the 48 hour window following approval. When your placing an order, we confirm your gear availability before we approve it. It's just one more way we go above and beyond.

Can I reserve my rental gear?

Yes, you can! Simply place an order online, at our office, by phone or by email. Simply prepay your rental with your online account or by phone and your gear is gauranteed available .

May I cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel your paid reservation, simply let us know or cancel online. A 15% restock fee will apply if more that 14 days notice is given, otherwise no refund will be available. If you have not paid for an order, simply let us know you do not need the gear by canceling your "Draft" online or by giving us a phone call.

How long is a rental week?

A rental week starts on Tuesday and ends on Monday. Your rental costs the same whether you pick up on Tuesday, Wednesday or on Thursday.

Why does my rental cost the same if I keep the gear for less than a Rental Week?

All of our gear pricing is based on a single days use of that item. Many other rental houses will increase the price based on multi-day or week use. We prefer a simpler approach to great service, so whether you need the gear a day or a week, you only pay the day price.

When can I pick-up and drop-off my gear?

Pick up is available Tuesday through Friday. Your rental will always be due back the following Monday. Gear returned late will be charged an additional weekend rate.

Is delivery available?

Yes, but a fee does apply. Our standard delivery/pick-up days are on Thurdays and Monday. If you only need a drop off or only a pickup, be sure to let us know. If you need a pick-up or delivery on a non-standard day, an additional charge will apply.

Is there a deposit?

No, using/releasing your credit card is your deposit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and checks but prefer all major credit cards. A credit card will always need to be maintained on file for the duration of your rental. All cards kept on file are destroyed when your returns in safe and working order.

What if I start my rental on Monday?

Rentals starting on Monday and returned by the following Friday (5 business days) are charged a single week rental. If you need the gear past the following Friday, it will be charged as a two week rental.